Sundance Media Group

Sundance Media Group

Sundance Media Group (SMG), has been producing training for trade events for over 30 years.  Instructors from SMG have taught, presented workshops, and have participated in panels worldwide.  Over the years, SMG’s area of focus has been audio, video and software applications for production and post-production, and has been focused on First Responders since 2014.

SMG has been operating in the world of UAV/Drone capture, analysis and post-production since 2011.  Our UAV/sUAS training philosophy, no matter the vertical, concentrates on creating a culture of safety and risk management.  Our instructors have an intimate knowledge of the FAA FARs and FSIMs and our vision is to train new UAV pilots to become efficient, effective, and safe pilots using UAVs as tools in the field.  As a consultant within the UAV/sUAS industry, SMG offers training and speaking engagements on a variety of UAV/sUAS topics.  Our goal, is to facilitate new UAV pilots into this burgeoning industry and ensure that best-practices are engrained within their organization.






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