Hoodman Ground Control Points


Hoodman GCP (Ground Control Points) are essential for accurate mapping and surveying.  These durable and weather-resistant targets are easy to deploy and ideal for professional surveyors and mapping professionals.

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The Hoodman Ground Control points (GCP) are essential for accurate drone mapping and surveying. These high-visibility, durable markers ensure precise georeferencing and reliable data collection. Each GCP is made of weather-resistant material and comes with a unique identification code for easy tracking. Enhance the accuracy of your aerial surveys with Hoodman GCPs!

The weighted GCP may be temporarily placed, or the staking loops may be used to stake the GCP in place. The GCP also features a stainless steel grommet hole in the middle for placement of a rod for GNSS location capture at center point.

These 3′ pads can be easily seen from 400′ and most photogrammetry software applications are able to auto-locate and center these bright orange and black targets.


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