RGB61 Wingtra Payload


The fastest drone just got faster Spend way less time capturing images and processing data. All of this with leading-edge accuracy.

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The Wingtra RGB61 Payload is our most popular payload for this aircraft. Although the cost is slightly higher, the cost is justified and balanced by the deeper resolution and greater coverage resulting from the use of this camera. This is the same camera as the Sony A7RiV, providing greater accuracy, and GSD of .28 in/px (.7cm/px).

It’s a full-frame sensor, which reduces overlap, and 61MP, allowing for high resolution and flight at 400′ allowing up to 750 acres per battery set.

Compared to the RX1R II camera, the RGB61 captures 30% faster due to the sensor size and resolution.

This dataset was captured with the Wingtra RGB61 camera sensor.



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